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Homes for Paws is a non-profit, foster-based rescue dedicated to saving dogs


If you have a little extra space and love to spare consider taking in a dog in need.

Homes for Paws Dog Rescue


Foster Process

If your home is missing some furry footsteps but you’re not looking to add a permanent resident then fostering a dog might be the perfect solution! Before our dogs land in their forever homes they need a place to lie their heads while we get to know them. If you have a little extra space and love to spare consider taking in a dog in need. Here’s how it works!

Steps in the Foster Process:

  • Fill out a foster application. Please answer as truthfully and thoroughly as possible.
  • The application is reviewed by the Homes For Paws team and references are contacted. 
  • When a dog matching your home is in need of a foster home you will be contacted with any info we have on the dog. 
  • If you’re interested in fostering the dog a homecheck will be scheduled with one of our volunteers. 
  • Pick up/drop off of the dog and any supplies needed will be arranged. 
  • Allow the dog to get settled and get to know their personality and behaviours. Contact us with any comments, questions or concerns! We will also check in to make sure everything is running smoothly. 
  • Once we know more about the dog and we decide the dog is ready for adoption the foster home prepares a biography about them and the dog is posted for adoption. The foster home will have the opportunity to adopt before the dog is posted for adoption. When we receive adoption applications they are screened by our team and passed along to the foster home, if you believe they’re a good fit for the dog we ask that you set up a meet and greet with all members of the adoptive household (including pets!). 
  • If the adopters wish to proceed with adoption and are approved by the foster home then the Homes For Paws coordinators will contact the adopters references, complete home check and complete the adoption!

Foster Application & Agreement Process

Step 01

Please submit completed Foster Application.

Step 02

Once approved to foster, you will be requested to sign & submit the Foster Agreement.